Code Of Conduct & Policies

File Name Download
Code of conduct PDF/Code of Conduct.pdf
Code of practices and Procedures for fair disclosure of unpublished price sensitive information PDF/Code-of-Practise-and-Procedure-Fair-Disclosure.pdf
Policy on Board Diversity PDF/Policy on Board Diversity.pdf
Policy on Related Party Transaction PDF/Policy-on-Related-Party-Transactions.pdf
Policy for determining Material subsidiaries PDF/Policy-for-determining-Material-subsidiaries.pdf
Policy for Preservation of Documents PDF/Policy-for-Preservation-of-Documents.pdf"
Policy on-determination of Material Events PDF/Policy-on-determination-of-Material-Events.pdf
Policy on Related Party Transactions PDF/Policy-on-Related-Party-Transactions.pdf
Vigil Mechanism policy PDF/Vigil-Mechanism policy.pdf
Nomination & Remuneration Policy PDF/Nomination & Remuneration Policy.pdf
Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director PDF/Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Indepenent Director.pdf
Composition of Board and Board Committees PDF/Composition of Board and Committee.pdf